Mar 27, 2009

Can I have a hug?

Mean people suck. That is my favorite bumper sticker. It’s a simple declarative statement that says so much about the driver. You can assume that they are nice. Also, they probably have some semblance of social awareness. Most importantly they care enough about how we treat each other to make a public declaration of their opinion.

The person in the cubicle next to me was a mean person. She was one of the layoff casualties. Working with her was the one part of my job I hated. Who wants to hear people slam things around? Her tone of voice sometimes was chilling. She was also one of those people who must have everything her way, and I mean everything. The simplest and most routine interactions had the potential to become a battle.

I know I didn’t enjoy working with her but I didn’t realize how much of an influence she had on the office as a whole. It’s like the air is lighter. People smile and laugh more now that she’s not here.

Niceness is like a drug. It makes you feel good and it’s addictive. There’s no reason to be snotty to the waitress, just explain what you want to her in a nice way. Did you know you get better service if you are nice? Try it. Are you really the most important person on the road? The roads are so much safer and enjoyable when we show each other a little common courtesy. Go ahead let somebody merge in front of you. Parents, stop yelling at your kids for every little thing they do, especially in public, it humiliates them.

If only we all thought that mean people suck. We could start a nice people revolution. “Mean people” behavior would not be tolerated. Beware all you mean, rude, pushy, demanding people who have to take the rest of us along on your miserable ride. We’re not going to take it anymore.


  1. I saw this phenomenon too after our first 2 rounds of layoffs. But now we are losing the good people, and that sucks big time. Yesterday my company announced another big round. 20% of the group I work for. :( Hoping I will conginue to survive...

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. It's true, companies are having to cut deeper and deeper.

  3. Mean people don't last too long around me.
    I choose to be a nice person,but take great satisfaction in crushing the egos of rookie wannabe
    They take up all the air in the room,making it hard for good people to breathe.


  4. I know what you mean about the air feeling "lighter" now that your dreadful coworker is gone. We have people like that at my job--and I'm just glad I don't work in the same department as those people. :)

    Yes, mean people do suck. They all need to learn that you really DO "catch more flies with honey." :)

  5. Thanks for the hug Sling. Welcome to the nice people revolution.

    MH - Exactly. Flies hate vinegar.

  6. Can't find anything to disagree with here