Mar 16, 2009

Swingline Supremacy


At my last job there was a particular stapler that had been passed down from one departing employee to the next. It finally made it's way to me and I treasured it. Stapling was a joy with this particular model. This may seem silly, but if you've ever worked in an office and had occasion to regularly use a stapler, then I don't have to tell you how much easier your life is when you have one that works well.

This particular stapler was of the bona fide, 100% work every time variety with a unique, sleek design. When I left that company I actually had notions of pilfering it and probably would have if I had not discussed the merits of this stapler with many of my co-workers. They were lined up to see who I would bequeath it to. I ended up giving it to somebody who left after only another 5 months so I am not sure who he left it to. Or maybe he pilfered it himself. (Shakes fist at former co-worker.... damn you!)

Some staplers look nice but disappoint you every time because only one half of the staple connects in the back. Others work sometimes but then fail when you try to staple anything more than 3 sheets of paper together. And invariably when your stapler fails, you can't find your staple remover. You end up pulling it out with your fingernail.

Because of the recent layoffs at work we now have quite a few vacated cubilces. We had to beat back the vultures today. Although people feel bad for the laid off employees, they don't feel bad enough to stop themselves from seeing if there are any good staplers laying around. I understand where they are coming from, really I do, but they will just have to wait until we get the confidential material out of the cubicles. Besides, I get first dibs.


  1. I've worked in an office,so I know how brutal the battle over the perfect stapler can be..Right up there with scoring first in line at the Xerox machine.
    Happy St.Patrick's day Thinker!

  2. Well, I don't know what stapler you had when you worked there, but I have the best one now. My boss makes me keep it between our 2 desks so she can use it too since we can't order any more office supplies.

  3. Sling: It's the little things that make the workday go by smoothly.

    Breezy: I bet that's my stapler.


    Now this is the absolute best stapler you can get!

  5. I have five staplers here at which can do 30 sheets, one that can do 10 and the little ones...I can never remember which staples to put in which...maybe they would be more reliable if I could remember.