Mar 18, 2009

Put 'em up

Courage is something I have been thinking about lately. Where does it come from? My mother is facing her fourth major heart surgery. This time it is to replace two heart valves. She has had this operation twice before, in 1990and then again in 1991because the first surgeon botched the job. This time a new valve, the tricuspid, is involved. Probably scheduled for some time in April or May.

How do you psyche yourself up for it? You could argue that when you have no choice, you just do it, but it's more than that. It's amazing to watch her face this latest battle. Once she knew what needed to be done, her resolve was set. She faces into the hard, cold wind and pushes forward. Hand wringing and moaning will not be tolerated, at least not to us.

Perhaps in her heart she worries that the well has run dry and she has used up all her luck. How could she not? But I know that mental resolve is half the battle and she has that in spades. I have never told her so, but I draw on her example when I have a challenge to overcome. She has more courage than anybody I know.


  1. Mom is a rock!..You're right about attitude being a key factor in recovery.
    I'm sending best wishes for a speedy one.

  2. Your mom and I need to get together. :)

    She is going to put me to shame with the speed and ease of her recovery! That tough German stock.

  3. Sling - Thanks for the best wishes, I'll pass them on.

    G - Was thinking about you too when I wrote this. You had a remarkable recovery ... you know how worried we all were, in more ways than one. Can't wait til Bailey's Friday.

  4. Its the only way...when there is absolutely no choice at best wishes to your mum please okay.

  5. Wow, best wishes to your Mom! She sounds like a fighter, which is a very good thing! :)