Mar 11, 2009

What are my choices again?

With the reception hall all booked we are now on step two of the wedding planning, find a wedding dress. We went shopping this past weekend. Went into the first shop, she tried on four or five dresses. The last one was gorgeous. Boom, done! Next!

I like to think I am decisive but have a nagging feeling that I might be impulsive instead.

decisive: characterized by or displaying no or little hesitation; resolute; determined

impulsive: actuated or swayed by emotional or involuntary impulses

I think it is in our nature to view ourselves in the most favorable light so I'm sticking with decisive. I would have bought that dress then and there. Not so fast. My daughter is neither decisive nor impulsive. She is methodical and careful, recessive gene I think.

We have now been to an additional four bridal shops with one more to go before we circle back and start all over again because we forgot exactly what the first dress looked like.

Did you know they don't allow photography in most of these places? Stupid rule. When I asked why I got some lame reason about the lighting not being good and the pictures turn out bad. Seeing as how I am going to be dropping a pretty penny here why don't you just let me take my chances.

I have also learned there are two types of bustles, the French bustle and the American bustle. The French tucks under and the American pulls the dress up and hooks it onto your rear. I prefer the French bustle. It just looks better than having a big bump of dress on your ass.

Hopefully we can wrap this all up this weekend and move on to choosing a photographer. God help us, there seem to be quite a few bad ones out there.


  1. I think methodical and careful is good, especially about purchases. Congrats on the wedding! fun fun!

  2. I'm woderin' how someone stops someone from taking a picture of a wedding dress?
    Do they wrestle you to the ground?..Call the dress police??
    Maybe that's why it's hard to find a good wedding photographer.All the good ones are doing time in nuptual prison.

  3. Lost - That's why she's an engineer and I'm not.

    Sling - I just couldn't bring myself to break the rule. My daughter tried to convince me to take a picture in the dressing booth but I was too afraid to get busted. Which is hilarious after all the talk in my last blogpost about staring down scary Germans.

  4. OK, are we reversing roles as we age or something. I, the Rules follower, was even willing to take a quick shot in the dressing room.

  5. I am definitely more impulsive than methodical...I bought the first wedding dress I tried on! Hell, I really liked it, so I figured it was meant to be! *smiles*

  6. I was lucky melissa lives 300 kms away and had chosen the dress. It was a victoria Wang...apparently that means something to somebody...tried to look impressed. In this salon, they had seats for the shop assistants but those paying stood and twiddled their thumbs while the playacting went on as melissa tried it was lovely..and all that but a bigger pack of wanker jumped up shop assistants i have never come accross...they were rude. I am not "north Shore " class by dress ad proud of that but money is money and they were quick enough to take it...will never reccomend them nor will melissa... good luck...think about a $10 cotton dress maybe!!!

  7. Breezy - I'm not sure why I wouldn't do it. I'm pretty sure I can take most of the dress shop ladies. Maybe I am mellowing in my old age.

    Hi Miss H - Love your blog. I think impulsiveness (I mean decisiveness) is a great time-saver besides being gratifying.

    MC - Yeah, those shop ladies are a piece of work. Ooing and ahhing over everything she tries on. Thank God she has her mother with her to tell her when something looks horrible because they seem to think everything looks marvelous. Little do they know that my plan is to find the chosen frock on the internet and pay a local seamstress to fit her instead of actually buying it at the shop.