May 3, 2009

Can I keep him?

Great day at the petting farm. Goats are pushy, did you know that? And they look a little evil with their cleft hooves and the horizontal slit of a pupil. I made friends with a little baby donkey. She wanted to come home with me but the hubby said no. He's no fun! This is an African Watusi. They were not interested in our carrots and actually did a little bit of a charge at us. But once my husband started to pull up some grass from our side of the fence they were like putty in our hands. Finished the day with dinner at the local brew pub and yummy cupcakes for dessert. Walking the streets of Ann Arbor we found this little whimsy.


  1. Goats ARE freakin' pushy!!--but they're adorable, too! :)

    Glad you had fun!

    By the way, do you live in Ann Arbor?? Sorry, just being nosy. :)

  2. You could always try the 'Look what followed me home' approach on hubby.
    ..The little whimsy door thing is pretty cool,and only a little bit scary.

  3. oops guess I was 1 post behind. Did they not have baby goats? They are soo cute! And they act like little puppy's. The follow you everywhere. :)

  4. Miss HP - They are cute even if they are pushy. I live in Plymouth which is right down the road from Ann Arbor. Have you ever been to AA? It's an awesome college town.

    Sling - I can watch that video over and over again. It cracks me up. Do you have a fear of giants?

    Lost - They did have baby goats and they are so very cute. Almost too cute to be real.

  5. Goats, sheep and turkeys used to chase me round and round our outdoors toilet when i was a kid...much to dad's amusement no doubt...not all at the same time...
    then they would disappear and there would be heaps of lamb chops or turkey...unsure about the goats...they just seem to go ...somehwere

  6. MC - I have been chased by a goose or two in my life. There's nothing scarier than a hissing goose on your tail.