May 13, 2009

How does she do that?

Farah Fawcett ruined my life, at least the adolescent version of my life. She did it with her perfect hair and her ability to hypnotize any male with a pulse above the age of twelve. It was that damned feathered hair. Not to mention that every teenaged boy on the planet had “the poster” in their bedroom, including my best friend’s two older brothers {sigh}. How could I compete with that?

Look through any middle or high school year book from 1976 – 1980 and you will see that nearly every girl had her version of Farah hair. For some of them it worked out but, alas, for some of us it did not. Failures came in three varieties. 1) The flip out – these are the girls with bangs that shoot out from their heads in a big curl. 2) The camel hump – recognized by the lump of hair on either side of their head that refuses to be swept back and finally 3) The helmet head – girls who got the look by individually placing and hair spraying each strand of hair on their head. I was a camel hump girl. I have fine, thin, brown (not blonde) hair that refuses to hold a curl.

Watching an episode of Charlie’s Angels today you may wonder how something we refer to now as jiggle TV could have such an impact. Try to ignore the silly acting and the funny clothes. It was the 70’s, everything was cheesy. Charlie’s Angels was a sensation as soon as it aired. Men loved it because, well, men love T&A. Women loved it because here were three women in a male dominated profession kicking ass and taking names.

Farah is not doing so well now. Poor woman is fodder for the tabloids even on her death bed. I forgave Farah long ago for ruining my adolescence and if truth be told, I actually owe her a debt of gratitude. You see, Farah taught me that trying so hard to be somebody you’re not is an exercise in futility. Take care Farah and thank you.

Oh and Sling, thanks for the award. (See right margin for beauteous award). An award from Sling is high praise indeed. I was actually a Bloggertown lurker for about two years before I took the plunge. You read and commented on my very first post. You made my day then and you made my day yesterday.


  1. Isn't Sling the greatest?? *smiles*

    As far as Farrah goes, my good friend Jonathan (check his blog out by clicking on "Buck" on my blog links, if you'd like) likes to do my hair sometimes (he's gay and summons his "inner gay hairdresser" at times)--anyway, my hair ALWAYS seems to end up looking like Farrah Fawcet. :) He grew up with Charlie's Angels, too.

  2. Farah was a babe,no doubt,..but my favorite Angel was Kate Jackson!
    She was all smoldery and stuff.
    ..Your award was well deserved my friend. :)

  3. Miss HP - I would like to be rich just so I could have my own personal hairdresser and style consultant to coiff and dress me everyday. Well. There are other reasons I'd like to be rich but that's one of them. Oh and btw - you are the greatest too..... group hug.

    Sling - I was going to add that I took solace from Kate. She was a brunette with brains and normal hair. Nice to know that she didn't go unnoticed by the male population.

  4. That's a great post. I remember trying to have the Farrah look. It's kinda hard to do if you have stick straight hair like I have.
    I like your blog. You've got some great stuff. I am anxious to read your older posts. Thanks for visiting my weather vane blog.

  5. Farah didn't worke ut here in Australia...the feathered hair etc just seemed so fake...we seem to always go for natral even if "natural" has a tad of help... the big hair lok missed us thankfully.