May 24, 2009

Hop in, we gotta go.

Sling got me thinking about road trips. My cousin Andy from Germany once told me that he admired how Americans are so adventurous. He says Germans turn everything into a production. They have to plan out every detail and only drive somewhere if they have loads of vacation time. "You Americans, you just get in your cars and go. Even if you only have one or two days. Germans would say it's too much trouble." Isn't that part of the beauty of an automobile? Given enough time between now and the start of my next work day, I can go anywhere I damn well please.

Andy's comments were prompted by a one day road trip to Niagara Falls about ten of us took. The falls are only about 260 miles from us. Head out early enough in the morning and you can get there and back in one day with five hours for sightseeing. It is definitely worth it. Niagara Falls is not technically one of the seven natural wonders of the world but since I can't take a road trip to Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls, it will have to do.

Living in Detroit we have limited sight seeing options when visitors come to town. Niagara Falls is one of our go-to destinations. The falls are pretty impressive. There's a spot you can stand in at the observatory where you are only about ten feet from the falls. The water sprays you in the face as it tumbles over the edge. The power of that water is too hard to describe, it's mesmerizing. If you ever get the chance to go, do it!

In another blog post I wrote about a day trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, which IS one of the seven natural wonders of the world. How can you pass up the chance to go see that when you are so close? Seeing awesome, interesting things is definitely one big draw of a road trip. But the thing I remember most about road trips is the getting there. Road trips are always with friends and family. Everybody hops in the car and anticipation is high. Who doesn't love an adventure? Let the good times begin.


  1. I think I must be German. I am a planner. I use to be a American hopper when I was younger but now I got to have lots of time and lots of detail.

  2. You quite possibly could be German. Do you find yourself putting your hands on your hips in an authoritarian manner? Classic sign as well.

  3. I love love love road trips! *smiles*

    Every summer, my hubby and I take one or two--although we do plan it somewhat.

    In August, we're planning on going to Shenandoah National Park--I can't wait!! :)

    I would like to see Niagra Falls someday, too.

  4. I have to say you've made a believer out of me. The german in me wanted to put some planning into it but instead we just did it. Both are trips I will never forget, partly because we were very relaxed, not on a time schedule and we enjoyed the ride as much as the destination. Scarlett

  5. Oh..The German side of me keeps a meticulous life list of 'Places we shuld go sometime',and works out all the details right dowm to making sure we have quarters for the parking meter.
    ..Then I just wait for the Irish in me to have a few beers,and a couple shots of whiskey to decide when to go.

  6. Miss HP - I love to travel by car. Two week road trip out west was the best time of my life.

    SC - Don't ever lose your ability to plan. THe only thing that allows the rest of us to fly by the seat of our pants is the knowledge that youare firmlyplanted in reality. We need you.

    Sling - What a great combination. Your German side must give your Irish side a stern talking to once in awhile.