May 11, 2009

It doesn't get any better than this.

It was a very, very good weekend. It all started with the long anticipated premiere of Star Trek. I was worried about whether Sylar could pull off Spock. He most definitely did. Purist friend of mine thought it was a travesty because they messed with the back stories. I am a Next Generation fan, not original series, so I was fine with them rewriting history. It was a great movie. Lots of action and humor.

Saturday we had a combination Engagement / 25th Wedding Anniversary party. About 25 of our close friends and family at the place where my daughter'r receptoin will be. It was fun. We played the Newlywed Game only it was my daughter and her fiance versus me and the hubby to determine which couple knew each other best. We barely won. My daughter was really impressed that I got the answer to "What do most people notice about your spouse when you're in a crowd of people?" Answer: Mooing. You see, he makes this sound like a herd of cattle are being rounded up whenever we are in a big crowd. And I do mean whenever.

We also got a very nice surprise from our daughter. We never had a wedding album made when we got married. We had a real budget wedding and our photographer was a former co-worker of my Dad's. He gave us the picture proofs but vanished from the planet after that. We were lucky to get the proofs. My daughter had the photos copied and enlarged and made us a beautiful wedding album. She's an alright kid.

Capped off the weekend with a BBQ at my parents. My Mom was feeling good yesterday and was happy to have us all there. She will be having surgery in early June and will have to take some time to recover so we are cherishing this time before the hard work of recovery starts. Hardest for her. We just have to sit back and wish there was some way we could keep her from having to go through it.


  1. Oh!..But it does get better.
    Stop by my house,and pick up your award! :)

  2. Aw, Sling. You are the sweetest thing.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! :) And I TOTALLY agree with Sling's assessment of you--your blog ROCKS! *smiles*