Jun 28, 2009

Beer Hall Brawl

For some reason I am unable to go to a German beer hall without finding myself in the middle of a brawl. First there was that little altercation with the skinhead in Munich in 2000 and then last night. Well, brawl might be a little bit too strong of a word for it but it sounds good with beer hall. It was more like "words". And when you get me started, words can be a pretty effective weapon. The husband and I went to the AA German Park picnic last night. OMG so much fun. A mix of young and old people as far as the eye could see. Thouroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here he is bringing the bucket of beer over while I stand in the food line.
And here he is slurping some off the top to make it more pourable.

Drank most of the bucket while we were waiting in the food line. But the time went by quickly. It's a real party atmosphere and a great place to people watch. So we find a prime spot right in front of the stage, eat our food, laugh at the little kids bouncing around to the German music. Then the dancers came out. Full lederhosen and dirndls. Here's the youth group. Aren't they cute?

Standing in front of us was an elderly woman and her grandaughter. Oma started to drift a little and ended up smack dab in front of us. I politely tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if she could scooch back. Well, granddaughter didn't like this. She gave me a look, huffed off and the next thing you know the whole family trotted up, en masse and parked their asses right in front of us. It was obviously intentional. It was also totally uncalled for and downright rude.

So, the husband, having a wicked sense of humor starts to take pictures of their backsides.

This got their attention and some words were exchanged. Little did they realize I understand German pretty well. Good news was there was no bloodshed. I would have hated to put Oma in her place. (wicked smile). The bad news was we totally missed the adult group German dancers. It was a wonderful evening and we are definitely going back next month. I just hope we can stay out of trouble.


  1. You are such a rebel.LOL. I get what you are saying though. Some people are just rude and obnoxious for no good reason. Obviously you met some of them last night.

    Hope you have a good time next month.

  2. Glad there was no bloodshed.
    Those beer hall putsches have a history of going badly.

  3. Rae- I swear I wasn't looking for trouble. It just found me.

    Sling - Luckily I had my jackboots on just in case it got crazy.

  4. I love your rebellious side! *hee hee*

  5. MHP - me too. Shhhh, don't tell anybody. It sort of ruins the whole indignant thing when they know I secretly enjoy it.