Jun 23, 2009

Phil, I hardly knew ye

Phil, Phil, Phil……… you too? It is painfully clear that you did not have the benefit of your wife’s discerning eye for fashion as you dressed yourself for what would be a disappointing final round in this year’s US Open. You know I love you. You know I have never been on the Tiger bandwagon. He’s a big baby in my book. I have stood by you as you grew a healthy set of man b00bs. I support you even though you often choke when victory is at your fingertips. But this is a true test of my devotion to you. White pants with brown stripes? A polyester shirt with darts that accentuate your not so svelte physique? Hair that is as long as a scruffy middle school skateboarder? Phil, you look dumpy.

There’s no need to follow the current trend. If the PGA went the way of the NBA and all the hip young golfers started sporting tattoos all over their arms would you follow suit? You have to draw the line somewhere. You are your own man, act like it.

Leave the clown pants to John Daly. They fit his persona.

And leave the fitted shirts to the buff golfers like Blake.

All this hip hop, retro nonsense must stop immediately. This is golf, not the X Games. Leave the white belts and loud polyester pants back in the 70's where they belong. Golf is a dignified sport..........
Oh never mind.


  1. Holy Crap!!..Next time warn me before I scroll down to a photo of John Daly in his clown suit.
    ..My eyes are still burning.

  2. My hubby is a big leftie fan. No he can't dress right. Never has had any fashion sense. At least the guy has his priorities right. A lot of guys would stay on the tour and not stay by their wife's side thru chemo.

    I am a Tiger fan but on this account Phil has won me over. And John Daly - he is what he is; a gambler, drinker, and wife beater. he just marches to a different beat.

  3. Sling - Apologies to you and your retinas. From now on fair warning whenever I post a pic of John Daly, Lady Gaga or Don King.

    Rae - I have liked Phil since I saw him on 60 Minutes or some show like that, back before he turned pro. He always seemed like such a friendly guy. I don't like Tiger because I think he acts like he is ordained from on high to be the best golfer EVER. He gets so angry when he loses. He does seem to be mellowing though. As far as John Daly is concerned.... gambling and drinking tend to raise somebody in my esteem but I didn't know about the wife beating. I am doing an about face on that one.

  4. Jesus Mary and Joseph but these are fine clothes on these men...HM!!!!

  5. MC - Fine and loud, all at the same time.