Jun 2, 2009

Feed Me

There are certain things I can't resist. They are like my own personal crack... gotta have 'em. Number one on the list is books. I have to force myself to stop buying them. Everybody who knows me, knows that a Borders gift card is the perfect gift in my opinion. Keep them coming.

I used to have a rule that if I started to read a book I had to finish it. Over time I gave that up because: 1) Life is too short to be reading books that are just OK; and 2) I have to maintain a pretty brisk pace to make sure my mound of unread books doesn't overtake me. A book has about 100 pages to capture my attention or it's history. There are only two books that I have given second chances to, fifth book of the Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings. I want to like them but can't seem to get into them.

I tried the library thing but have some serious issues with borrowing books. The covers are hidden on the shelves. How can I tell if I want to read it without seeing the cover? I end up pulling a million books off the shelf before finding one that it interests me.

When new books by my favorite authors come out you have to be on a waiting list to borrow them. Bah, I'll just go buy it. Impulses must be immediately satisfied. And time limits, two weeks to read a book? What if I want to read another book in the middle of this one?

Library books don't have that new book smell and feel. When you crack open a new book for the first time it's like it was waiting just for you. Don't EVEN get me started on the librarian. She acts like she owns the damn books. Giving you the stink eye, trying to size up whether or not you're the type to dog ear your pages. It just doesnt' work for me. I need to possess the books, not just read them.

I also have a thing for pajamas. I love pajamas. I go through phases. For awhile it was nightgowns. For a long time it's been long, baggy cotton pants (my husband hates them). Right now I love the silky pajama sets with matching robe.

One addiction I cured myself of was paper. You know, stationery type paper for writing letters. I also love note pads of colored paper. I eventually had to give this one up because I just don't write letters and it's not too practical to buy paper just so you can run your hands over it and then put it back in the drawer. You know, now that I think about it, I suppose I could buy it and just use it for notes and scribblings. Who's to say it has to be used for letter writing. Oh my gosh, I've got the paper monkey on my back again.


  1. You are so funny. I too have a book fetish. And I can't let them go after I read them. I want to die in a room surrounded by books.

    I love comfy PJs also. My hubby makes fun of my outfits. Socks, PJ bottoms and Illini T-shirts.

    Want to hear something funny. I posted a comment on someone's blog yesterday with my brain function being temporarily suspended. I thought I was writing to you. Gave this poor blogger a load of crap - with some attitude which I was expecting you to understand. Except it wasn't your blog!!

    Imagine my embarrassment today and her shocked discovery at the raving lunatic response on her proper mommy blog.
    Oh well. Have a good day-go get a book.

  2. I say just feed the paper addiction.
    These days,we can use all the simple pleasures we can get.
    Don't feel bad Rae..A few weeks ago I 'copied' my responses to people that left comments on my blog,and then accidently 'pasted' them in the comment section of someone else's blog!
    We had a good laugh over that. :)

  3. Rae - I think I will die in a room full of books. I'm sure one of these stacks will be the death of me when it topples over and crushes me to death.

    Sling - You're right. I mean at least I don't have a Lexus fetish or something.

  4. Oh my gosh, I feel the same exact way about books! The library just doesn't cut it. I'm glad I had a birthday recently (got 2 new books)...otherwise I would have had to go out and buy some more. :)

    I also love long, baggy cotton pajama pants...sooo comfy. (My hubby doesn't like them on me, either--too bad! *smiles*)