Jun 15, 2009

I got nothin

Nothing has happened over the last four days to make me say..... ooo, ooo, ooo, I've got to blog about that. Everything has sort of been in a holding pattern with Mom still in the hospital. She had a little bit of a set-back but is recovering again. She had some random internal bleeding that left her blood pressure incredibly low. They moved her to ICU, pumped four units of blood (doesn't that sound so very ER?) into her, along with some medicine that I guess acts a little bit like the stuff you pump into a slow leaking tire. They never found out where the bleeding was coming from but it has apparently stopped. Got our fingers crossed for her to come home late this week.

The Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup to the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 7 of the finals. Outside of Canada and a few select cities in the US, I'm sure this means absolutely didley squat to the rest of you. Here in Detroit it doesn't get much better than a Game 7 for some excitement. Watched the game at the sports bar with some friends. Moron bartender immediately changed the channel after we lost. She was promptly informed to change it back. What kind of poor sports do you think we are. It's still the Stanley Cup. Plus there's nothing better than the handshake at the end of a hard fought series. Especially when the goalies affectionately bump gloves and pat each other on the helmet.

I have used up all but five of my PTO days for the year so I will have to remain very healthy. Need two days for my daughter's wedding and one day for my guild's annual weekend (Toronto this year). Good thing I have such a strong constitution.

Looking forward to the German Park monthly public picnics that start 6/27. Buckets of beer, brats and spaetzle..... (see photos above) ........mmmmmm. Got some chores to do around the house. Clean out the basement clutter, move my new desk into my office, some landscaping. Oh, and again, I have put off my color and cut just a little too long. But my hairdresser gave me some highlights that make the gray roots not so noticeable. She knows me really well.

So there you have it. A hodge podge of semi-interesting things for my blog post today. Sort of like how my life has been.


  1. What a hodgepodge of activity. That's good though, compared to the worry you were going thru a few weeks ago. At least the stress level is down.

    Didn't know you are from Detroit, My brother lives in Troy. Are you anywhere near there?

  2. Oh, I am certainly not complaining after the stress of the last few months. I live in Plymouth which is the west side of Detroit, kind of in-between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Troy is east side but I know it pretty well.

  3. Glad your Mom is feeling better! :)

    And "buckets of beer, brats and spaetzle"??--YUM!! You're speaking my (native Wisconsin) language! *smiles*

  4. .I was gonna say what Miss HP said.
    Love me some brats and spaetzle!

  5. MHP and Sling... Don't forget the German accordian band in the background and all the lederhosen.

  6. Hope your mum continues with her recovery...I don't just have grey roots...I know were i to stop with the dye it would be 100% and I love my hair colour...sob...I'm not ready to be all grey....yet

  7. MC - Mom's recovery is nothing short of a miracle. She is more like herself than I have seen her in years. We truly feel like we have been given a gift. I can't bring myself to do the gray thing quite yet.