Jun 11, 2009

Thankless job indeed

I have a basic mistrust and dislike of police officers. Oh, I know that their service to the community is invaluable. I know that they often risk their lives. I know that they are “hometown heroes”. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I still don’t like them.

It all goes back to my high school years. My time back then was spent skipping school and abusing a certain organic substance that is currently being bandied about as a potential solution to our economic woes. You know what I’m talking about {wink, wink}. That’s when I picked up the habit of keeping an eye out for the boys in blue and if one was spotted it was time to amscray. Nonchalantly, if possible, full out run if you were obviously targeted.

My dislike only deepened as my interactions transitioned from avoiding capture to your everyday run of the mill adult interactions with cops. I met quite a few of them when I worked at the dry cleaners. They regularly brought their uniforms in to be dry cleaned. I found that the arrogance level of the cop was conversely related to the size of the community he policed. City cops were cocky b@st@rds, state cops were usually nice and county sheriffs were hit or miss.

When I get pulled over by a cop they are usually jerks about it. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” What a stupid question. I take pride in being as surly as possible with them, consequences be damned. “No, why don’t you tell me why you pulled me over.” Just write me the damn ticket and let us both be on our way.

So here I am today, a full fledged, law abiding, productive member of society and I still snarl whenever a cop comes near me. I’ve been developing my argument for when one of them pulls me over for wearing my IPOD earbuds while driving. Deaf people are allowed to drive aren’t they? How is this any different?

Do you think it’ll work? Probably not.


  1. What I find amazing is you live your life as honestly as you can and you still have run ins with the law, ie, your child is caught playing in the park after dark, OH MY!, the city registered your handgun incorrectly with the state and thought you stole the gun you' re licensed to have, etc.
    Now, being the good sister and not having spent my teen years the way you did, wink wink, I think my feelings go back to the years on the picket line with our Dad and seeing how they treated the Teamsters on strike.

  2. You are so right about the arrogance thing. I guess because they can carry a weapon openly they think they are above the law and can harass people.

    When I was still actively working as an RN at the hospital I had to deal with their Lord & Master routine all the time. Hated it !!!

  3. Now we know why you're such a "random" (deep) thinker! It's because in your youth, you indulged in "a certain organic substance that is currently being bandied about as a potential solution to our economic woes."

    *hee hee*

  4. You know those ineffectual whining pukes that were forever present in our youth,with they're incessant battle cry,'I'm telling!"...They grew up to be arrogant,self-righteous.and thoroughly corrupt drains on public resources.
    Ignorant of constitutional precepts,they enforce their brand of psychotic logic on average citizens,in an effort to prove to themselves that they are some how above everyone else,by virtue of having been issued a gun,(It's what they have indtead of an actual phallus),and that badge they flash as if it's some kind of master key to step on all the really cool kids that laughed at them in gym class.
    We have a severe Gang problem in this country.
    An organized group of mentally inept sociopaths that exercise their sick delusions of granduer under color of law.
    They refer to the people they are supposed to protect and defend as 'civilians' in public,and then deride you and I as 'Perps' and 'skells' while they are gathered en masse' at the favorite restuarant,or donut shop.
    All the while they are robbing,stealing,intimidating,and generally circumventing the very laws they are sworn to defend.
    Still,not a week goes by that some brown shirted representative doesn't appear in their fruit salad covered uniform to preach the need for 'More law enforcement personnel',or petition the government for yet another expensive toy they can run out and use on the first 'suspect' they can find minding his own business on some random street corner,knowing that any misuse of such weaponry will be 'in the line of duty',and swept under the bureaucratic carpet before you can say 'police brutality!'..
    ..sorry..I have issues.

  5. Sis - I almost added stuff about the picket line. Police officers dragging away a 16 year old girl like she was some sort of Teamster thug. Pathetic.

    Rae - Watching them you know where the phrase "all puffed up" came from.

    MHP - I never saw the connection before.... I'll have to think about that one.

    Sling - Your comment is like a blog post within a blog post..... you've said exactly what I think, only more eloquently. It's as if it's impossible to be in law enforcement without being a total prick. Now take a deep breath and relax.

  6. Wait a minute.... are you telling me that they weren't born better than us from some dynastic royalty, and they don't have special powers and they're actually just real people?


  7. JP - Go figure. They are real people but not quite like the rest of us. My Dad loves to say "Do you smell bacon?" whenever one is near.