Jun 30, 2009

Can you repeat that please?

I always hated people who said "I don't watch much TV. Usually just PBS." Yeah, whatever. You're too refined and cultured to waste your time on the idiot box. Recently though, I find myself in the same boat. I really don't watch much TV anymore. At least not broadcast TV.

In the old days I could tell you what was on every night on every one of the major networks. As TV switched to reality based shows I tried to go along for the ride. I watched Survivor for several seasons and really enjoyed The Amazing Race. But it became too difficult to distinguish one season from the next. I do have a few favorites I still watch. Lost, The Office. But I DVR them and watch them when I have the time.

What we've been doing lately is watching TV series on DVD. It started with Battlestar Galactica. We are currently watching Season 4, so ssshhhhhh, don't tell me how it ends. I don't want to know who the final Cylon is yet. Another show we are currently watching is The Tudors. We rented and watched Rome and Deadwood. I've got my eye out for the next show to watch. Any suggestions?

Our top channels for surfing are Discovery, History, Animal Planet and National Geographic channel. I was watching "Clash of the Cavemen" last night. It was very good but it had a narrative style that drives me crazy. Many of the shows on these channels have adopted this style. Right before a commercial they will throw out some cliff hanger question. Did Neanderthals succumb to disease or were we responsible for their extinction? Dunh dunh dun....... Then five minutes of commercial followed by a two minute recap of what they just talked about before the commercial. Every single time. I'm frankly insulted because I can only assume they think we have short attention spans and that we are too stupid to remember what they showed us five minutes ago.

Wait, what was I just saying? I got distracted by a pop-up weather alert......


  1. I think I forgot who the final Cylon was. Oh wait, I just remembered. You're gonna pee!!

  2. I can't wait to find out who it is. Pretty sure it's not Starbuck... that's too obvious. Thanks for the heads up by the way. Note to self ---- wear Depends Undergarments when watching Battlestar Galactica.

  3. *hee hee* I hate the post-commercial "rehash," too--ANNOYING! It's times like that, that I THANK GOD for Tivo. :)

    Anyway, have you tried watching "Dexter"??--extremely well-done (even if it is a tad bit creepy)...I also loved "Big Love." Both of them have past seasons on DVD (Netflix).

    I loved Rome and Deadwood, but I haven't seen the Tudors yet...I'm sure it's good! :)

  4. I hate when they do that 2 minute freakin' recap!
    It really is totally insulting,not to mention that it's a crappy way to fill a 1 hour time slot with only 27 minutes of actual information.
    I recommend going back and watching Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' series again.
    He puts on a good show,and it's cool to see how much we've learned since the series aired.

  5. I can't seem to find time to watch TV anymore anyway. I am always blogging or reading and commenting on someone else's blog. I used to make fun of people who spent all their time online and now I am one. I need a break!

  6. MHP – I love my DVR too but the rehash thing messes up my split second timing for commercial fast forwarding. I’ve heard about Dexter and that it’s very good. I’ll have to give it a try. It seems as if all the good shows are coming from the cable networks.

    Sling – It would be interesting to see what the actual time on real show content is. Cosmos would definitely get my husband’s vote but I have no astronomy or physics gene. But I do love Carl’s voice, very soothing and full of wonder.

    Rae – My internet went out last night for over an hour. You would have thought the apocalypse had occurred. I remember, way back when, thinking that the internet had nothing to offer me. Now I can’t imagine my life without it. I am a collector of interesting but ultimately useless, disjointed knowledge and trivia. The internet was made for people like me.

  7. I am with Sling...Cark Sagan's Cosmos is the ultimate...

    but I watched the whoe "V" series ahhh that was good...the earth against the reptiles