Jun 4, 2009

Surgery, Shmurgery

Mom is currently recuperating from her surgery. It went very, very well. Yesterday was a very long and emotional day. They wheeled her down for surgery at 5:30 am. We were able to see her in the pre-op area. She was calm (I'm sure she had a little pharmacological help with that one) and resolute. My sister and I felt bad about crying but we just couldn't help it. Lots of hugs, kisses and "I love you"s.

Fast forward seven hours later and the surgeon tells the fifteen of us crammed into the little meeting room that the surgery was a success with no complications. Big collective sigh of relief, tears of joy and hugs all around.

Two hours later we were able to see her for a few minutes. Still knocked out but she looked good and her vital signs were strong. Fast forward again, four hours later, my sister, husband and I stopped in to see her after going to grab a bite to eat. Breathing tube was gone, she was sitting up a little and exclaimed "I made it. I hurt like hell, but I didn't die." as she saw us walking into the room. I squeezed her arm and said "Now we have to start planning that trip to Norway." Her response.... "Yeah, but NO CAMPING!"


  1. Great news. So happy for you. Tell your mom Hi!

  2. That's outstanding news Thinker!
    I like that she's regained her orneryness so quickly. :)
    Still,I think you should force her to go camping..It's for her own good.

  3. I will happy dance as well, after I make sure that nobody is watching.

  4. Sitting up, talking, no breathing tube? What a show off. :P

    jk - I'm so glad she breezed through like a champ!

  5. Yay!! Sooo happy for you and your family!! *smiles*

  6. Rae - I will gladly give her your regards. :)

    Sling - Sassiness is a good sign for sure. She will go camping if I have to bind, gag and throw her into the pop-up camper.

    JP - OK - Nobody is peaking. Dance away.

    G - You knew it all along didn't you?

    MHP - Thanks so much - you are the sweetest.

  7. I do have a vested personal interest in people breezing through follow-up valve replacements. :)

  8. Wonderful wonderful...love that mum... i will miss mine till the day she is there for me, as don's was

  9. G - Mom smiled when I told her you called her a showoff. You two belong to a very exclusive club.

    MC - Thanks. We are so happy she is OK.